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Product Range:

  • Engine Management Systems
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Data Analysis Tools
  • Video Capture
  • Power Distribution Systems
  • Displays
  • Diff Control
  • Lambda Measurement
  • Sensors
  • Actuators
At Croydon Racing Developments, we have the complete range of MoTeC engine management and data acquisition systems available at your disposal. From entry level systems to the most complex competition systems, all your MoTeC parts & installation services are available from CRD.
MoTeC engine management and data acquisition systems are designed for performance, reliability and versatility. With advanced technology and a multitude of expansion options, MoTeC products can be configured to suit almost any application be it on land, water or even in the air. Every level is catered for, from high performance road vehicles and amateur motorsport to top class professional race teams.

MoTeC's ever expanding product range is extensive and modular, allowing customers to tailor a solution to their individual needs. A core range of fully programmable ECUs, data loggers and displays can be integrated with peripheral devices and accessories to form a complete solution that powers, controls, logs, monitors and communicates virtually any automotive parameter.

MoTeC's web-based seminars make it easy for customers around the world to learn more about the features and operation of our products. You can watch these free, recorded presentations when it suits you, or attend our live webinars where you can interact with the presenters and other participants. MoTeC Webinar Archive

  • MoTeC i2 Pro - Circuit Racing
  • MoTeC i2 Pro - Drag Racing
  • MoTeC i2 Pro – a typical screen shot of MoTeC data acquisition & logging capabilities for Circuit Racing
  • MoTeC i2 Pro – a typical screen shot of MoTeC data acquisition & logging capabilities for Dyno Tuning


  • “JUN” R32 GTR on dyno tuned with MoTec M800 ECU
  • “JUN” World’s Fastest daily driven street R32 GTR on dyno running 98 octane pump fuel incorporating MoTeC M800 ECU, CDI-8 and MDD amongst other world class MoTeC goods.
  • Motec Dyno Results
  • CRD built & tuned Nissan Skyline R32 GTR – “JUN” incorporating a MoTeC M800 ECU on race fuel. Proving MoTeC’s superiority in engine management systems. Turning a street sleeper into a World Record holder.