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As an authorised Haltech dealer, tuner & installation specialist, Croydon Racing Developments are your leading shop for all your Haltech requirements. With over two decades of Haltech experience dating back from the early 90's to the current state of the art programmable Haltech ECU's, CRD has seen it all. Haltech’s current range of universal ECU kits, direct plug-in ECU kits, CAN devices plus Haltech’s latest digital display dashes and data acquisition systems are all available from CRD.

Haltech has proven to be a dominating force on the world motorsport scene, providing ultimate reliability and versatility for the performance industry. Haltech distributors can be found in over 25 countries worldwide, a true testament to their continued development and growth.

Some of the more common applications where you can find Haltech ECU's at work:

• Control system for custom conversion from carburetion to injection
• Control of fuel injection/ignition on modified engines
• Race and rally applications of all descriptions
• Used in kits by kit manufacturers
• Original equipment in cars and motor cycles
• Design and research and development
• In cars, motor cycles, off-road vehicles, boats, jet skis, snowmobiles, karts & aircraft

Haltech engine management systems are designed to be as universal as possible with the ability to control single cylinder motor cycles to V8 racing cars and most engines in between. Haltech ECU’s can control throttle body, multi-point or staged injection, distributor or direct ignition, on naturally aspirated, turbocharged or supercharged engines. Name the application and in most cases Haltech can control it.


  • Nissan Skyline GTR R34 with Haltech PRO plug-in ECU
  • CRD built & tuned Nissan Skyline GTR R34 circuit racer running the latest Haltech Platinum PRO plug-in ECU.
  • Haltech Dyno Results
  • Track proven power and reliability running the latest Haltech Platinum PRO plug-in ECU.
  • CRD built & tuned JET200 with Nitto SR20 motor & Haltech 1000 ECU
  • CRD built Nitto SR22 engine in "JET200" running a Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 ECU lapping around Eastern Creek Raceway during Superlap weekend.
  • Haltech Dyno Results
  • "JET200", reliable track proven power running a Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 ECU.