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Nissan GTR R35



During the past two decades Nissan has firmly stamped its mark of authority on the motoring industry worldwide. Forced into a premature retirement from the international motor racing scene in the early 90’s with its now legendary, all conquering Skyline GTR, a car ahead of its time in both technology and performance. Unable to showcase its product on racetracks worldwide, Nissan took to producing cars with advanced designs pioneered directly from the infamous Skyline GTR down through various models over time. This resulted in Nissan producing cars which released passion, enthusiasm and excitement via knowledge gained from domination on race tracks worldwide.

From “Godzilla”, the legendary Nissan Skyline GTR to “Devlish” the current all body world record holding S14 Silvia, CRD have specialised in Nissan models for over two decades, breaking world records and recently being named overall winner of Australia’s Motor magazine 2011 “Hot Tuner Shootout”, with our Nissan R35 GTR.