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"Well I bit the bullet last Friday. The blokes at CRD did a great job. Wow what a difference. The most noticeable thing so far is the mid range torque increase. No matter what speed or what gear, when you drop the foot it just pulls like a bastard".

Sydney South Coast (SAU forum)

"The car is incredible, the difference the Cobb AccessPORT has made over & above the HKS setup is quite surprising. CRD have done a superb job with this car, it's incredibly drivable more so with the huge increases in torque across the range & has ridiculous throttle response".

Paul (SAU forum)

"I owe a big thank you to CRD for prepping the car for Bathurst & for the great work they did at the track over the course of Drive Bathurst. We were able to smash a 2min 20sec which pretty much meant it was the fastest road registered car on the day".

Miles (SAU forum)


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Nissan GTR R35


The all conquering Nissan R35 GTRs prepared by CRD, during the 5 day Drive Bathurst event. Class victors & sub 2 min 20 sec lap times.


On 6th December 2007 Nissan released to the world undoubtedly the most eagerly anticipated car of the last decade, the legendary Nissan GTR R35 “Godzilla”. Less than two months later in February 2008, CRD imported the first GTR R35 into the country to commence its own research & development phase of the iconic GTR.

With over 12 months of knowledge prior to the release of the GTR R35 in Australia, CRD were well prepared for the arrival of the first GTR R35 into the workshop, knowing exactly where to look to unlock the suppressed pockets of power that exist in the GTR R35.

CRD has demonstrated its dyno tuning & modification knowledge on racetracks around Australia with the GTR R35 including success at various Targa events, Super Sprints & the increasingly popular club drive days.

CRD have a large arsenal of components at their disposal to unleash the true potential of this genuine modern day supercar the GTR R35.


CRD offers a wide range of professional services to get the most from your vehicle. Our services include:

  • Dyno Tuning
  • Suspension Upgrades
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Gearbox Upgrade Kits
  • Engine Components
  • Fluid Upgrades
  • Fuel System Upgrades
  • Race Seat Installations
  • Cooler Upgrades
  • Race Track Preparation
  • Turbocharger Upgrades
  • Log Book Servicing
  • Intercooler Piping Kits
  • Passion Upgrade No Charge
  • Brake Upgrade Kits


  • Phase I

    Phase I
    The first real step to unleashing the power of the GTR R35

    • COBB Tuning's AccessPORT Programmable Tuning Module
    • Completely Custom Programmed
    • Utilizing Four Unique CRD Power Modes

    From 295kW to 340kW @ all wheels
  • Phase II

    Phase II
    Comprising of Phase I Plus:

    • CRD Designed Stainless Steel Mid-Pipe
    • Competition Spark Plugs Upgrade
    • Optional Racer Tuning Maps Available

    From 295kW to 360kW @ all wheels
  • Phase III

    Phase III

    • Custom COBB AccessPORT Dyno Tune with Multi Maps
    • CRD Designed Stainless Steel Turbo Back Exhaust
    • Intercooler Piping Kit
    • CRD Twin Fuel Pump Upgrade
    • Willall Racing Transmission & Front Differential Oil Upgrade

    From 295kW to 380kW @ all wheels
  • Phase IV

    Phase IV
    Includes Phase III Plus:

    • HKS Twin Intercooler Kit
    • Carbon Fibre Intercooler Scoop
    • ID 1000 Fuel Injector Upgrade
    • Twin Air Intake System Upgrade
    • Spec V Coolant Overflow Bottle

    From 295kW to 400kW @ all wheels

 * Power figures quoted are approximate & can vary between vehicles.