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For nearly a century the Ford Motor Company has stood alone as the largest automobile manufacturer on the planet, selling over 15 million of the first mass produced vehicle the world had ever seen, the Ford Model T.

Founded in 1903 by visionary Henry Ford, the business quickly expanded selling vehicles around the globe. With factories in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, Ford currently has close to one hundred producing factories.

Ford has the most successful history of all of the world’s automobile manufacturers in all forms of motorsport. Since its first steps into motorsport Ford has dominated in Formula 1, World Rallying, Sports Cars, NASCAR and Touring Cars at one stage or another.

In Australia, Ford has a legendary rivalry with Holden which has been cemented in Australian folklore history with both their names an iconic and important figures in the history of Australia’s greatest motor race, the Bathurst 1000.

Producing classic cars such at the locally built V8 powered 351ci Ford Falcon XW GTHO Phase II and the legendary XY GTHO Phase III, Fords popularity reached new heights. Group A racing in the mid 1980’s signalled the arrival or the venomous Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500, the European turbocharged 2 litre producing over 500bhp in race mode dominating the FIA Group A Championships worldwide.

Today Ford has a large range of automobiles many with an inbuilt racing heritage. Ford may no longer top the list on sales charts around the world nevertheless it still has a lot to offer to a enthusiast with the great roar of the latest V8 the pure power from the turbocharged six cylinder model or the four cylinder pocket rockets all capable of producing exhilarating performance with relatively minor modifications and dyno tuning.