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With a history spanning more than 100 years, Audi has survived treacherous times to become widely regarded as the prestige brand under the Volkswagen Group umbrella. Producing high quality automobiles, the Ingolstadt based manufacturer has continued to progress through technological advancements in the motoring industry.

Successful in numerous motorsport categories and traceable back to the pre WWII Auto Union cars driven by legendary racers Bernd Rosemeyer and Tazio Nuvolari, it was rally racing that Audi genuinely stamped its authority onto the sport. With a uniquely designed Quattro four wheel drive system, Audi dominated the World Rally Championship in the early Group B era along with its total dominance of the famous Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in the USA.
During the FIA 2 Litre Touring Car era, Audi dominated race tracks around the globe with the Audi A4 Quattro, winning championships in Australia, Belgium, Britain, Germany, Italy, South Africa & Spain before deciding to concentrate on the German DTM Championship with the Audi TT model.

In recent years via their motorsport arm Audi Sport, Audi have lead the way in development of petrol and diesel engines in motorsport at the Le Mans 24hr race, incredibly winning the world famous endurance race on eleven occasions in the new millennium to date.

The knowledge and technological advancements from Audi motorsport achievements is directly channelled into the design and manufacture of Audi road cars. Performance accessories and enhancements are available for the entire range of Audi road cars plus the high performance range of S, RS and TT models and the technologically advanced Audi R8 sports car.

Contact CRD for the latest Audi performance tuning ECU upgrades, intake and exhaust systems, aftermarket performance parts and accessories to improve your petrol or diesel powered Audi.

Whether you use it for work, fun or the daily commute, CRD has the knowledge and experience to help you improve your Audi.